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In-Game Community Links

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It would be delightful to have a link out, from in-game, to the following:

  1. Suggestions (aka ideas, this area): https://piratesouls.org/ideas
  2. Forums (bug reporting): https://piratesouls.org/forums
  3. Updates: A link to the most recent patch notes, or overall patch notes, so players can catch up on what's new.

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Where would you put the links? We try to keep our interface as simple as possible without charging it too much.

Note: We put updates on Steam and in the discord.

By the way, thanks for your suggestions, you are very active and it's really appreciated 😄

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Perhaps a « Community » option in the main menu, which could "flip" the menu to the 3 options listed above? When I say "flip" I mean replace the existing options with the above (plus a "back" option to return to the previous menu view). Not sure if this is feasible.

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I see, it will need some rework of the interface. For now we prefer keeping the interface simple. All info available in our different platforms without too much effort.

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