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      Ahoy there, fellow sailors!
      After many weeks of hard work, we finally managed to have a working cross-platform version of Pirate Souls thanks to @Seth. We released a test version on Steam.

      More information

      • Brand new test server. All players start from stratch.
      • 10 character slots available.
      • Players progression will be erased once testing period is done.
      • Test period will last approximately 2 weeks, maybe more.
      • Even if you are on windows it would be appreciated if you could test the cross-platform build!

      How to test

      1. Add Pirate Souls to your Steam library.
      2. Go to Pirate Souls properties (right click > properties or settings icon > properties).
      3. In the Betas section of the properties window, select the "cross-platform" option.


      You can still use the non cross-platform version of the game. It's the real version of the game. The data from this version will be migrated to the cross-platform version once the test period is done.


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