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    You want some berry? 😀 IDEA

    Hello, are you enjoying pirate souls?
    did you know you can get free daily berry and soul energy by posting and sharing something nice about on your Facebook/instagram.
    click here to get your free daily stuff
    step 1: like and follow pirate souls on Facebook/instagram
    step 2: share a post about
    step 3: get your xBerry and 1 event ticket!

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    Adding 2-factor authentification and....

    Enable a two-factor authentification through PS/Discord, allowing people to prove they are a unique individual.

    WHY? - Content promotion. With most smaller based MMORPG's in the 2000's++ we used invites as a way of promoting the game, the invite system has a reward system as part of the marketing. When invitee 1 reaches level 10/25/50, the Inviter, and Invitee get something special as a way of helping grow the game.
    Inviter gets growing rewards from invitee 5/10/15/20 ect.

    I personally think that faction based "drip" would do fine here, as well as some souls and berries. The level 50 could be enough diamonds to do a exp boost.

    WHY2 - you want the users to have unique players behind them, this prevents market flood of the give-away items. Nobody is trying to buy $40 phones and $35 phone cards to get $10 of give-away items.

    How does this grow our community? This will give reason for players to invite players. Word of mouth is the best advertising.