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Retainer System for Account and or Crew to make it more livelier

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For 1 char or account:

I was thinkin about the Idea of having an retainer System (customizeable character fashion wise) that could store Items/some money (acting as bank), and or could put them on the market for yourself (with a market/stall inv) creating locations where theres a bazar/Market place.

For the Crew:

• well every crew has members that take up certain roles, for example we could actually use the reference from the straw hats, or like the G5 from the Marines (smokers squad) in one piece. But how to fill these roles? Since its a bit limited player whise there would come in the crew retainer (also would make it kind of possible for crews to own their own ships (bases)).
•The Crew retainer/s have all diffrient kind of jobs regarding crew activity (picking a war with a diffrient Crew to add war times for those crews) or even could put in some quests that adds crew reputation or points for special Crew traits (like Expanding the ships size cuz u have to start somehwat low furniture or stuff you could decorate the ship and or make it diffrient or adding some buffs like xp drop rate).
(as im writing this i get a lot of multiple ideas with that actually and some are lying on my Tongue)
• They would also act as a Storage (bank system for crew members containing items and money) and that would also adds Crew Ranks to it since this kind of system could beexploited without any rule roles inside a crew.

Kind regards Ryuza

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I see, yeah we are definitely looking forward into adding more roles to crew member.

Some parts of your idea seems like something doable with normal RP (picking a war with another crew).

Crew quests are something we want to implement so it should be coming soon or later.

Also some crew members already have the role to manage the crew bank. I believe First Mate can do so.


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14 hours ago, Shenmue said:

nice to know and im glad that there are some plans for future stuff already!


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