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Improved Targeting - PVE Only Suggestion

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Here are a few suggestions for improved targeting while fighting anything except other players:

  1. Toggle-able option to turn off targeting of dead enemies.
  2. Toggle-able option to turn on auto target of next closest enemy.
  3. If an enemy is out of reach of a skill, auto-aim should target the closest enemy instead.

Each of these is separate, please comment on them below as this will be more meaningful than a single up or down vote. 🙂

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1. Dead players should be targetable because we can revive them. What we can do is to untarget them once they die if they are not an ally.

2. By closest enemy you mean it will not select an ally right?

3. Auto-aim should try to direct the attack to your target. If you are too far, it's normal if it doesn't work. It would be a bit strange to attack someone that you don't target using auto aim

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1. This makes sense, I think this was more in reference to NPCs than to Players (title mentions PvE)

2. Correct, it would, after killing an opponent, target the next closest opponent.

3. This makes sense! Thank you for your replies!!

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Np 😄

We could make so target system select another opponent once your target die indeed. Mark the idea as planned, but will probably be something added once the game is well advanced.

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