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Cosmetic Emotes

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The ability to get a special set of "skills" that are just cosmetic emotes. Simple ways to communicate with other players without actually chatting.

Optional Implementation Details

Could be located in the skills panel, or in their own separate panel, such as a dock on the bottom of the chat box with icons you can hover for a tooltip and click for the animation to trigger.

Might be worth investigating whether they can be used while in combat, I would say no. This is because some of combat is directly influenced by seeing an animation so you can dodge it. So perhaps a shared global/emote cooldown would avoid that problem.

Investigate targeted emotes vs. just facing the direction your character already is.


Wave - Wave arm hello

Nod - Nod head yes

Shake - Shake head no

Flex - Flex biceps

Point - Point in the direction you are facing

Scratch - Scratch head with hand


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I should mention it would be nice to have a base set for free (or berries/quests), and then a set on top for a cheap amount of diamonds to help fund the game.

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We have some emotes in game, but we are lacking. We will definitely add more!

You can use "/emotes" for a list of emotes.

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