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Mass pvp/active daily content to keep the game alive

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So we're about a week in the launch and some players have hit 50 and have fallen into killing newer players(lowbies) or have started mass killing the bosses everyday for fruits and other drops. which gets old really fast i've heard allot of complainning lately and started brainstorming ideas for the better of Pirate Souls.

Mass Fruit Spawn Idea (WORLD EVENT)

In the future when more fruits come in some fruits should be rarer than others, event ticket fruits and fruits u find in the world.

The idea

So every hour a random soul will have a chance to spawn (depending on the rates) in the world on any map (including newer maps that's gonna be added) the world will announce something like [THE SOUL OF THE LIGHTNING GOD HAS SPAWN ON "X" ISLAND FIGHT TO TAKE CONTROL OVER IT AND EARN A SOULFRUIT/EVENT TICKET!]

how it will work

The soul will randomly spawn anywhere on the map (not on objects or anything) but in grinding spots, random danger zones ETC, so first you kill the "soul of what ever fruit that spawns [a world boss] then you defend the soul of the boss until it manifest into an actual soul fruit, there's a chance it will fail! so its not guaranteed! failing will happen when, 1.The soul is taking too much damage so its destroyed (so be careful)note: only basic attacks can damage the fruit, since it is a soul fruit itself it cannot sustain other soul fruit techniques damage cause it is immune. (This is  active only in manifestation period not the boss itself.) 2."there should be a circle or a box indicating the zone of the soul manifestation area "if someone is standing near the soul, a bar will go up showing progress kind of like king of the hill, the bar is to indicate when it is done and about to manifest into a soul fruit, if an enemy enters the zone of the soul the bar will become static, if the enemy kills you while near the soul your bar is diminished[IF ALL YOUR ALLIES ARE ALSO DEAD] and they will begin a new progress bar showing how long they have until they get the soul is manifested (players have 1 hour to complete the bar before it instantly fails to manifest and a new timer starts for another soul to spawn anywhere in the world(anyone not in your crew/fleet counts as an enemy)

This event complements the following

Introduce new rare fruits!

1.Encourages open world PVP for a nice reward! 1 of the rare exclusive fruits/cosmetics! and 1 event coupon to everyone that participated (to buy future event shop soul fruits/cosmetics to keep everyone happy!

2.Keeps the world active 24/hours a day! ( if more than 2 rare fruits are manifested in a day the timer will stop rolling and start spawning soul bosses the next day. "it should be hard to manifest one hence why its PVP/PVE oriented." Note: If a boss is left untouched for 30 minutes it will self destruct and a new timer will begin to spawn another random soul. / But why 2 fruits?! - So it keeps these fruits in high demand and keep players fighting over them in the open world. goal- Keep them rare for as long as possible until new fruits are released!

3.Adds raid boss kind of mechanics to help players formulate strategies on how to kill the boss fast enough, How to defended the manifesting fruit and succeed in picking it up. (the boss should have mechanics)

4. Competitive group content X THIS IS NOT A SOLO GAME group content should be encouraged!

5. A healthy loop of automated content! beside automated events.

~ Mirage

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If it can fail to manifest a fruit from pvp interaction, it should just roll every hour until one is claimed max1/day or something.

maybe make the fruit drain health 1/second from everyone in the area to sustain the fruit. Maybe energy instead? 

cool idea!

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