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Weapon options For Fighter(actual images/art)

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So as we know fighter is easily outmatched when it comes to having a weapon, they lose the chance to have lifesteal,crit rate and any other bonus you can get a weapons because they don't have one, here are my ideas for it, i paid an artist out of my pocket to make an example to show what im visioning, i think fighter needs a weapon to keep up for future updates, these are only my suggestions.


Arm weapon idea [Arm Gauntlets] 



Name (Kurassha) "Crusher"

Level ( 40 )

Agi req ( 60 )


Leg Weapon idea



Name (Abolisher)

Level (30)

Agi req (40)

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I second this. I think fighter's have a great kit, but the fact that they don't have a weapon can make them lack luster compared to swordsmen in PvE or PvP. In my opinion the base damage added should be low maybe 5-10, but the weapon just gives the ability to get crit/cooldown reduction/life steal to even the playing field.

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Alternatively they could forego all of that by making the agility scaling for fighters MUCH higher than sword. I only play sword but I can see the differences, 2nd character I actually got keyed my weapon to use skills then combo punch kicks.

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Some fighters like the kit but don't enjoy the lack of end game weapon progression. This will definitely alleviate that.

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In my opinion it looks good but for fighter that design isnt rlly what I would have in mind. Since you either punch or kick stuff u only need to have knuckles, otherwise adding a chest area would look awesome as a armor as it is and I also would improve the footwork a lil bit.

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