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More Obvious Split In PVP

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I think the game needs to be more realistic in the way marines/pirates would act. Marines should not be able to pvp civilians or other marines without risking being kicked from the marines. Pirates should be enemies with marines, civilians and other pirates without an alliance. A pirate's life should be difficult, they should show up as enemies if they have been bloodthirsty (maybe a red border around them). Another idea would be a place to report pirate activity to marines to discourage pirates from constantly bullying newbies and others out of areas

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Yeah how about them outstanding marines 😅 not at all gating low level pirates from dailies. Hehehhe I'll take a red name for being a bloodbath!

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I like this. Like adding a radio chat for all marines to talk to each other and report where pirates are. The red border for pirates is also a really cool idea.

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Marines members have a special chat where they can talk to each other.

Will add a way to recognize pirates and marines on sight.

For now marines can attack any non marines. May change that in the future indeed so it's more realistic

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