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Jewel/gem socketing system

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For further progression for Levels 50+, I think weapons could use further progression, like socketing gems into them, to either add an effect or increase or add stats to it, for example you could socket and agi gem into your weapon for more movement speed, add gems to get more base stats or more damage to the weapon, gems can also have rarities, the highest level gems giving glow effects to your weapons or some kinda aura around your character, I’m thinking gems could be named Soul jewels to follow the already “soul” theme of the game, as for rarities I’m thinking there could be 5, being Common-rare-elite-legendary-divine as for the effects jewels could give could be, bleed gems, speed gems,crit gems,lifeste gems,slow gems,burn gems,freeze gems ETC this system could go many ways and could be expanded on allot.add for more long term progression and build variations in the game, over all a great system for both content and diversity. (Add on idea) Black smiths could also capitalize on this system making them ever more useful giving them the ability to craft them, and some being dropped by bosses/mini bosses and giving blacksmiths the opportunity to be the only ones to be able to socket them into a weapon this creates a sense of importance of having one you can trust in your crew, also only lvl 50+ blacksmiths can make these and get the materials to craft them to avoid Alts from being made just for this reason ~ Mirage

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As a fighter main, i made this post with that in mind, im sure giving fighters a weapon is in the works, if not def something they NEED to add in the future for fighters to keep up after nerfs to the class.


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Later on we will add more prefixes and suffixes to crafted weapons. For now we prefer not touching too much weapons stats as it means more to manage balance wise.

Fighters will also have weapons!

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