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Mass Suggestion Part 3

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End Game Boss (Level 50)

  • I'd do this change because not everyone has a big crew or has crew members that play in their time zone all the time. Thus, being you should be able to do the boss with a party of 3-4 members.
  • Once more bosses are added I would remove the ability to let party members do it on the current level 50 boss and apply it to another end game boss once added.


  • Monster and some of the boss movement speeds need to be adjusted to be faster.
    Currently monsters are so slow that they are easy to kite when no kind of challenge.
    End result is that they are given dashes and flickers but instead of giving each monster and boss the same type of mechanics; increase the movement speed of some of them or even let them use a buff that increases their movement speed slightly. Pve players live for a challenge in the Pve aspect and thus this will bring about one.


  • We need an actual map switch timer. People constantly spam map switch going back and forth between the same 2 maps. Why not add a 1-5 second map switch timer to slow down some of the spam switching?
  • Marine Base as a safe zone which is there for a reason, but Pirates do not have 1. Make Marine Safe zone 1 of the tents and Make 1 of Pirate tents a safe zone. Relatively it should be the area where you spawn at.


  • Projectiles need to pass through party members, crew members, alliance members when fired unless both parties have pvp on. Projectiles constantly hitting your teammates and not passing through them to hit the enemy makes team fights harder for ranged classes as the skills stop short due to hitting their teammates.


  • Raise the cooldown to use the Dash Ability. It is currently 6 and is too free of a skill to use and has to big an impact on PVP.
  • Reduce how heavy run speed is affected by the Agility stat

  • Balance

    Soul Fruit/Weapon Class Changes Pt. 2

  • I recommend slightly nerfing the damage of the flamethrower but in return lower the mana cost and/or increase the tick rate. It should tick twice per 1300 MS Window (1.3 second)
  • Flamethrower needs to turn into a skill that when used it last for "x" number of seconds instead of just being able to spam it as long as you got energy with no cooldown.
  • Flame Bullets need to have a heavy damage reduction due to being able to be spammed for a VERY low energy cost. Currently can-do high damage with barely any cooldown or MP cost.

  • Give Ice a Passive Ability called Permafrost: This skill will apply a 2 second slow if you successfully land "X" amount of ice skills in rapid succession. "X" amount i will leave to the dev(s) to figure out the right amount.
  • Make Ice Spikes effect a larger area/icon bigger
  • Ice Trap - when you roll/dodge on top of an Ice Trap it shouldn't continue to work on you, but the trap should still get placed to hurt someone else. Currently even if you dodge on top of it, you can still get stunned if you remain on top of it. So, if people do stuff like Devil Slash + Ice Trap there is no avoiding the Ice trap even if you time the dodge/roll.
  • Make Ice Sword duration to 45>60s

  • Make Light sword bonus damage last 3 seconds longer making it 10 seconds instead of 7.
  • When Light sword ends allow it to auto re-equip the last weapon you had equipped if it's still in your inventory.
  • Star Rays should be run cast but self-stun.

  • Lower the duration of Blazing leg from 60>45s to be similar to Ice Sword/Light Sword/Swordsmen Resolution
  • Bone Breaker currently is a Targeted within 3 tile stuns. Meaning if the person is within 3 tiles, they can hit them, and it stuns them for 1.25 seconds. This stun should be removed, and the mana cost should be lowered from 30>20.

  • Devil Slash's projectile icon needs to be made more visible. It also needs to give a 0.4/0.5 second cast time. Currently there is no way to counter/predict this skill is coming so it is hard to defend against it. It also stuns for 1 full second which is more than enough of a reason to give it a cast time.
  • Lower Air Cutter Range to 8>6
  • Since Swordsmen Resolution boost all stats now it should get less time to land its bonus damage from 12>8
  • Increase the duration Swordsmen Resolution last to 45>60s to be equivalent to Fighter's Blazing Leg

  • Upon Transforming Leopard Fruit users should strike fear into the opponents around them within 3 tiles all around them causing silence for 2 seconds.

    When Reindeer uses the level 10 ability, they should be able to keep it up as long as they want. It should drain 3 energy every 0.5 seconds 

  • Sniper Cloak MP Cost needs to be raised from 15>18.
  • Mandrake stun needs to be lowered back down to 0.5 simply because they have received a new skill that stuns.
    It needs to be lowered because currently if you land all 3 mandrakes on 1 opponent in close range it stuns the person for 3 seconds. if you lower it to 0.5 it will stun a total of 1.5 seconds.


Edited by JunPachi

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Thanks for your suggestions! Some elements you mention have been taken in consideration in the past updates and some will likely going to happen soon or later like the map switch timer.

We don't want to edit balance too much though...

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