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Light Fruit

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Light Fruit is currently one of the most sought after in game right now and i must say after finally getting it, it hasn't changed from how it was in alpha.

Which is supposed to be one of the fastest fruits out of them it's pretty slow and stationary.

All of Light Skills are stand still cast with 0.5 or slightly higher cast times.

Star Rays has a 0.5 second cast time as well as Flash Kick and Laser Kick.

No reason the last skill "Star Rays" should have the same cast time as Flash Kick and Laser kick.

Not only that but again they are all stand still cast times.

Increase the time to use the damage bonus from light sword by 3 seconds

When Light sword ends let it auto re-equip the last weapon you had equipped if it's within your inventory.

I recommend deciding on the kit and choosing at least two of the skills to make run cast or have a slightly quicker cast.

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