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Naval Warfare

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I was thinking to myself, which I do a lot at work. Wouldn't it be fun to just sail around a little with your crew-mates and engage in combat with marines and rival pirates?

Ships with different boarding rams, sails, cannons.
After enough Life is lost by the ship they can be rammed depending on the grade of ram.
(example Pirate Ram+ can board a ship with 50% of its max life remaining)

Even if the ship is superior it would not gurantee a win in the skirmish, as combat could play out between the players.
Superior ship could apply a buff to the skirmish (Boarders buff)

Crews with a loss streak could get some sort of comeback buff to keep players striving to break cold-streaks.

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Yeah we will definitely add ship gameplay as this is a pirate game. We are waiting for everything to be stable first as it means a lot of changes in the code.

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