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Sokat Boss Room Chest

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This is a simple Idea,
Make it that after you kill Sokat (lvl 50 boss) he don't drop any items but instead a chest that each player can loot from so the loot can be slit and not just one player gets the items, if their is no item drops then their can put a small number of berries in the box as a fail drop but the main idea is to do alway with the drop being based on DPS and make it that everyone have a chance to get something even if they are a Medic or Tank

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The idea you are suggesting is pretty similar to the one we are currently using with the new lvl 50 boss Sauro, where everyone in the crew who attack him will get a % chance of getting a loot.

If we don't use that for Sokat, it is because it will considerably reduce the value of all its dropped items and his difficulty is not high enough for that.

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