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[Job] Unfair balance

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There is actually 3 jobs in the game, and I am totally aware that it's far to be polished right now.

So why not allowing people to switch once per day their job in case they picked the wrong one ?
To be honest there is nearly no economic transaction actually between jobs.

- Doctor is a must have for every newcomer cause the regeneration time is a pain.

- Blacksmith : Is a must have if you wanna compete at higher levels due to "Upgrade Weapon" (and it's simply the end game actually).

- Cook : This job is just here to fill a gap, it got no use despite eating some Roasted Meat that heals for 70hp for 60sec cooldown (when you got 1000hp, it's laughtable, seeing the Doctors healing every 40sec twice of this amount).

Here some idea I find interesting :

- Rework the Doctor job - he could now make some Herbal Medicine (like HP Pills on Nin Online) with a 60 sec cooldown & can revive or cure the Death sickness.
Having an improved Healing skill.

- The Cook job - Could make Healing food giving buff for a duration (not actual useless recipe, with rare components for weak boots), and 40sec fast healing food based on Health and cost component !

- The Blacksmith - Make ammo and upgrading weapons. Upgrades being usable for everyone, making the possibility for the crafter to make money from their job and not just using is own stuff.

- Add a Technique (First Aid) everyone could use : Like the actual doctor's healing skill.

For the moment, taking a specific job & class is so important and unbalanced that the game clearly turn on 2 main things : Being a Swordman/Blacksmith or re-create your character wich is not really a great idea for a MMO.


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Thanks for your suggestion. We are actively trying to improve the balance between the 3 professions. And if we can't allow people to switch profession it is because we are not planning to wipe the game.


Presently, cook already have recipes that boost stats

Blacksmith can craft metal ammo and can upgrade weapons for everyone to use. spacer.png

It is important to keep in mind that doctor and cook will definitely be improved

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