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1(Important).for new players a great warning when they reach level 10 that they can already choose their specialization and where they can choose it will help a lot to new players who still do not know where to get their specialization and know when they can get it

2(Important).fixing the map switch as you should spawn a forward tile or making you unable to switch maps so fast 1 second colldown are two viable options

3(Important).the instance of the new boss will allow you to enter with the people you are in party
4(Important). add animation to dash
5(Important).missions that give reputation that players between level 1-19 do not give experience

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1. The first update was added in game. Player will now have a picture telling them they can learn a specialization at lvl 10

2. For the map switch issue we are going to get into it in the future

3. Some party boss can be made

4. noted

5. An alternative way to get reputation is something we will be happy to add soon


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