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Pirate Souls: Impression Updates

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After leveling a character to near max and playing two of the three classes I had some ideas to improve gameplay experience and tune some of the systems.


Revamp professions system: Do not make professions a onetime selection instead make them three unique paths which can be trained and require resource and time investment to craft or heal well. This will still encourage teamwork because you can't invest in all three well at once therefore requiring your crew to split roles. However, it will create more end game content to grind for and prevent needless balancing of the professions (Locking content to a specific profession).

Reputation Gain Level Req: Similar to the update which prevents power leveling there should be a required level for players to gain fame. Currently end game is just running around murdering every lowbee in sight so you can get a coat. The early experience with end game players now around 3 days in will be bad enough, don't incentivize mass murdering them. Include additional daily/weekly actives to grind rep as well.

Sailing: Don't waste development time on boat battles, it will likely not work well. Making sailing an Oregon trail style random event driven experience that takes your and a limited number of crew from island to island. The system should include matchmaking with other sailing crews as a random event, as well as storms that take you to somewhere you didnt intend, NPC raiders, etc. 

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real-time ship combat has to be there possibly this year a lot of improvements will be made to the engine regarding fluidity and we will get good ship combat

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1. The profession system you described is exactly what haki is going to be! What we are thinking right now is making profession a one time choice but having a progression system within that choice.

2. We will add a way to gain reputation through pve soon so player don't have to pvp and be mass murderers for that!

3. Really like the sailing idea, nothing is set in stone regarding that, so we will definitely consider this.

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