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quality of life functions

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1.make the wounds in the pj more quality of game in this and thus be able to differentiate more thoroughly that he has wounds or not and give more quality of life in the functions

2.make boss kill quests count for players of any level as it helps them progress a bit better when soloing or just having a friend.

3.more vivid colors when viewing drops and color in your inventory

4.we put the background that the inventory has the same as the loot background, believe it or not, it's more dynamic that everything is similar and the design looks good like a pirate blade.

5.distinguishable badge design between normal mobs and bosses

6.add more paths to other maps and add more mobs maps like another boar map another marine and pirate mobs map, underground passageways so it's not just a single path to a place so we'll completely avoid the map change from camp making both two or three roads so that the conflict is not avoided so much add more texture of land also towards the second town and other places so that they are better guided that there are points of interest there the signs would also look good on the map and would guide to new players and aesthetically better visual and pleasing design

7.magma fruit please :l

8.add the bank also to hajiwari city and in the second city as well and in the desert city

10.add for crafters the possibility of creating wooden sticks and metal sticks but with enough materials to not ruin the store so much not excessively materials but considerate for the new ones to immerse themselves in the professions or high players help their new friends with weapons

11.reduce only percentage the drop of the souls energy many drop


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