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Another Mass Suggestion

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Warp Pads/Flicker Pads need a slightly more visible icon as some maps they are hard to see due to the tiles.

Sacred Tree that drops a sacred tree leaf cooldown needs to be lowered to 30 minutes. It's currently an hour and makes the quest extra difficult since almost every level 40+ gets it. 

Snipers need to be able to craft and/or buy a new type of ammo - fire, ice, explosive. Shrapnel.

  1. Fire rounds will inflict a slow burn for 3 ticks of 4 per tick
  2. Ice rounds will cause your opponent to move slower than normal. Each shot with an ice round would have a 15% chance to slow.
  3. Explosive rounds will do a small aoe damage when they hit an object or target. Maximum explosion damage could be 10
  4. Shrapnel rounds should have a 10% chance to Interrupt/stagger whom ever hit. 

New types of debuffs need to be added to the game and some of these stuns need to be removed. We need to add debuffs such as slow and knockback. Currently there are too many stuns and some are damn near unavoidable when combined with dash.

New Civilian Faction:

Bounty Hunters - this faction will spawn in the town and will basically be a middle ground faction. Neither marine or pirate you can choose which side you help or you can be a hired hand. You can even take on the two sides entirely. 


Quality Of Life

Marine faction has the ability to see the amount of people that are on in the alliance. I recommend allowing us to toggle whether we see Online, Offline, or All. Reasons being is because as the game grows more the alliance panel gets more cluttered and overwhelmed with several pages of people. 


Crew Panel needs to be made similar to how the alliance panel is. There also should be buttons showing in this panel to invite, kick , promote, and demote members instead of having to right click there names



More high level mission diversity. With this suggestion if allowed I'll be more than happy to come up with some new quest not just for high levels but lower levels too to make the mission rng more diverse. 

We need more missions though. Currently end game dailies everyone is getting the same mission and sometimes the same one 3 times and it happens very often. 


Weekly Missions - in the Pirate Camp there should be 1 of the NPCs that give 1 weekly quest that can take you a week or a couple of days if you no life. (For Example: kill 50 Marines recruit or higher)

Marines : Subdue 40 Pirates and make the lands safe again

Bounty Hunter: Collect a total of 1000 bounty in berries.

At the end of each week which would most likely be Sunday this mission would reset and you can grab another if you have turned in. Of course there will be several different types of missions. Kill 1000 monsters of X type, Kill 100 of X boss, and or collect 200 furs, raw meat, or etc. Rewards can be a nice size amount of berries for completing, good exp better than dailies somewhat, and more than average reputation for completing. 


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Really like most of the suggestions. The weekly missions one seems pretty nice.

Quality of Life for the marine alliance window is planned too but once we get a load off our priority list.

Regarding the other features I will see with Shenmue what can be done.

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