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Early Equipment.... Early skills.

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In many very basic games, a great way to get players into the thick of it is;
1: introduce low level equipment early on to get players use to what different weapons do.
~Stick? Sling? - these weapons literally already exist but you have no loadout to them as you start the game.
A game about Pirates/Marines/Pvp ect should probably frontload thematics to the players earlier rather than have them fumble through the game like a lost ass punching boars.

Currently the game frontloads players right into a town full of quests. Players will tell you to ignore the quests. However you need to do quests to even afford the basic gear. Albeit you can forge the slingshot but it will require you to know that you need aim 10 for it.

Early skills: having to wait to level 10 (which can be hours) for your first skills is excruciating and UNFUN.
get players out and interactive with the skills.

slight note: non weapon skills requiring level 30 is a tad bit ridiculous. The resources in game are pretty hard to come by honestly in games current state. gating things through levels is fine but at what point is it a dissapointment rather than a balance feature?

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First of all, thanks for the suggestion!
We are slowly but surely improving the new players experiences and I agree with you that giving them techniques early on is important for their first experience. That's why we give the dash technique at lvl 5 (And we will consider to give more like the "blink step" technique at a higher level).

The reason why the stick is not given early game is because it is faster to farm without it than with it when you have low agility due to its attack speed.

Making it more explicit that weapons have requirement is something that we will do so new players don't find themselves not having the requirements for  the slingshot.


And one last thing I am not sure to understand: By "non-weapon skills", you means skill that are not for snipers and swordsmen, or skills that have no specializations requirement (fighter, sniper, swordsman)

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I wanted to respond with a bit of a backstep. I do feel the slower pace is not a bad thing as, the game is very rough on new players. However challenge can be a good thing.
I was talking about fruits? I believe thats what you call them, the hunter in the forest NE of formation has some skills there for them I believe.

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