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The Swordsmen level 10 skill - Devil Slash needs to be made into a 1 second cast time as it's a CC homing that also warps you to the target.

Allow it to be 1 second run cast or 2 second run cast either or

Give Fighter gloves or some type of knuckle/boxing gloves/Brass knuckles as a weapon with a base damage/crit/attack speed that can be upgraded by blacksmiths eventually.

Look into Fighter's cooldowns


Reduce the Mp Drain transformed to 1 or 0.5 as the drain is heavy at a rate of 5

Ice Fruit

Make ice Fruit Firsts skill a 1 second run cast or slightly reduce the stun time but keeping it instant

Rubber Fruit

For Rubber we need a way to be able to farm a boss or kill a boss with a chance to drop this fruit as there is only 1 way to get it in game and its via quest which makes it a bound item.

*Fire and Light Fruits are both fine as well as Sniper*

Other Changes 

  • When we go to pick up drops from mobs and there is the same type of drop; allow it to pick up all of the same type within a 4-tile radius of where you are picking up. You should only be able to pick up the drops of the "mobs" you killed/did most damage to and not anyone Elses. 
  • Hair should still show under caps, bandanas, and any type of headwear unless it's a full head covering like desert hood.
  • Add this item as a Cash shop item Or an Event Ticket Item; Catalyst - This item will allow you to make a bound item unbound so that you can trade it, drop it, or sell it to a shop for 100 berries
  • Make it so that you can only power level people within 15 levels of your level. If they are out of range, they won't get experience from the creatures you kill. However, if they kill their own creatures, they will still be awarded experience.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Targeting reticle needs to be slightly more visible or simply change the icon for targeting
  • Chat Box/Blessing Notifier, and Your Hud that shows at the bottom Needs to be slightly transparent. Try Lowering the Opacity some so we can see through it.
  • When you kill someone, and it tells you that you are awarded with ____ needs to be made a different color than the chat color

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