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Ideas for the game

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Good afternoon, I have some ideas to improve the gameplay and other ideas that could be interesting for the game itself.

1. The theme of the doctor, cook and blacksmith specializations, the truth is that it would be cool if you had to level up those specializations and little by little get better recipes and weapon improvements.

2. The theme of "objects" like masks that hide your identity, this always improves the overall roleplaying theme of the game and makes it in some ways more fun.

3. Regarding the specialization of blacksmiths, I suggest that what they craft is not only for them, since it limits other players in many ways. so it would be better that they are the ones who create it but that it can be traded.

4. This is for the cooking specialization. I think the meat roasted should be reformed and create other levels that require more, for example:

Roasted meat lvl1: right now heals 70 it would be better to lower it to 50.

new: Roasted meat lvl 2: to craft it you need 10 raw meat, which heals 110 hp and CD 3 secs.

With this of having 2 types accessible, it also adds to having to level up the crafting to get that new food to cook.

5. What I am going to tell you is an idea of some Hispanic friends who proposed in the ninonline game, to create a market within the game where players can buy and sell. the idea comes from the Dofus and Wakfu games where you can put an "object X" at a price in the market that if, according to the time you want to have that object for sale, it has a cost of payment. This idea would be very cool to implement.

And if at the moment I have no more ideas, I hope you liked my ideas and have a good day!

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1 an 4 - Nice ideas! Having to level up your profession skills is something we will definitely implement.
2 - Mask are not planned for now, but we will consider it when the game development is a little bit more advanced.

3 - Right now blacksmith are supposed to be able to upgrade weapon for non-blacksmith player and it has a chance to become a blacksmith exclusive weapons. To make it simple, Famed and Mystic weapon upgrade can be used by everyone. And anything with a prefix is blacksmith only.


So this weapon would be blacksmith only. However I heard that there are problem with this system. So we will look into it.

5 - Yeah I remember reading this. This one won't be implemented before a while unfortunately.

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