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Techniques Level and Upgrade

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The point of this idea is for players to be able to customize their Techniques to their own specific playstyle adding another level to players build with out overwhelming them at the start of the game.

At level 40 or 50, players will unlock the Techniques Master trainer.

The Techniques Master trainer will be the NPC that players go to when they want to unlock their class/fruit Techniques trees.

Ever Technique in the game will have its own Technique tree unique to the Technique.

After a Technique have been awaken, every time that Technique is used in battle, it will gain experience and will level up when it gains enough experience.

All Techniques will have a max level of 10 and when a Technique levels up, that Technique gets it's own passive skill point that the player can use to upgrade that Technique in one(1) or two(2) paths with each path having two passives.

(example of this using the sniper's cloak Technique)
Path 1: (passive one) Lower the energy
             cost of the skill by 2% for ever level 

             (passive two) when you hit a player
             when hidden, you deal 3% more
            damage for ever level 0/5

Path 2: (passive one) Players move 1%
              faster when hidden 0/5

              (passive two) players stay hidden 
             2% longer 0/5

Players are not limited to any one path, they can mix and match passives but they can only unlock the 2nd passive in a tree by first maxing out the first passive (5/5), meaning that players can not have any points in both paths 2nd passive at the same time.

When the Technique gets to max level(10/10) It is then considered Mastered which gives the Technique or the player a buff, which means that even if a player don't like the passives of the Technique tree, thy can still work towards maxing out the Technique(10/10) 

(example of this using the sniper's cloak Technique and fighter's invincible Technique.)
sniper cloak Technique Master level: The players have a 5% chance when receiving over 20 damage to become invisible for 5 sec and not use the skill cooldown. 
Fighter Invincible Technique Master level: The players have a 3% chance when receiving damage to become invisible for 2 sec and not use the skill cooldown.

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