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This is a very simple idea on how I think the game arena should work. Its not just a random even that is done for a short time but it will be used to bring live to the game and give players that have done all that they can something to do as they keep waiting for updates also it's for players that don't like to grind in PvE because some things you can get in PvE you can get here and even more.

Arena will be 1v1 and 3v3

Players queue up for random battles and is teleported when the game match them with players of their rank point range.

Arena is done in seasons, 
Every month or so will be an arena season,
In that time the Arena will be open for gaining rank points.

You gain rank points when you win.
You lose rank points when you don't win.

Rank points are used to determine your rank placement at the end of a season

The Arena will be open 2 times a day, every 2 days for 3 hours every time it is open.

Their will be PvP dallies quest for arena only, 3 win, 5 wins and 10 wins.

Daily quest and wins in the Arena gives you Arena points
You don't gain any arena points or rank points after 10 wins.

Arena points is used to buy items in the Arena store,
The greater your Arena rank, the better the rewards you are able to buy.
(Example of rewards are Fruits, keys, notes, gear and weapons)

At the end of a season, players will be given titles based on their ranking that may or may not have PvP base stats on it.
Other rewards will be given based on their ranking placement at the end of a season also.

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Thanks for the suggestion, was already planning to add an arena system with the current auto event. This is more structured and will probably bring more activity and engagement.

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