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More Skills / Variations - Early Game.

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So.. I tried the game again. I can tell, it's already much better than Nin after its over 10 yrs of development.

But it has flaws that keeps the majority away. 
Main flaw I noticed in the game is the non-existant combat feeling.

As a beginner you got a bunch of ways to engage the fight, but you can't really keep it up.
Wow, I can use my punches and hit until my hp goes down, as I have to tank every single hit. / The dodge roll? is probably the most useless skill I've ever witnessed in a game. (could be the ping tho.)

Later on if you pick your class, you'd think, now its time, the fun shall begin! yeah.. no.
Again, you got skills to engage the fight, but you can't keep it up. 
Fighter, is pretty much just the level 1 experience with kicks.
Swordsman, is the most idle-game-ish experience I've seen in a game, pokemon battles including text reading is more intense than the swordsman gameplay pre level 20+
Gunner, is more consistant in contributing but with the common projectile glitches, just as frustrating. You craft/buy your bullets, watch every 3rd bullet fly through the enemy as you slowly... slooowly.. drain down the hp.

My advice:
Add more skills to the game, don't lock them behind farming soul-potatoes to unlock them, maybe let people pick paths to adjust their experience.
Fighter: engage and disengaging skills, so they wont turn into punching bags for monsters and be forced to stay afk until their hp is back up.
Swordsman: has movement already, but its meaningless if you have to wait 14s to keep going. No level 10 player needs a stun, bleed and teleport skill. The stun is great to avoid the hit trading, but if the skill has a shorter cooldown (equally reduced damage) it's less of an idle-game simulator and more of a combat feeling.
Sniper: Hard to give an advice there, as the projectile glitches are client based, combined with the blowpipe its actually quite fun but due to the low early damage, it feels less exciting than mining trees in minecraft with bare fists.

Allow players to decide if they want a more calm experience or a more dynamic experience by giving them more skills. 
Fighters can be jumpy, having a lunge attack, pounce, rolling or what ever, to engage and disengage the enemies.
Swordsmen should just have a less overtuned early skill in exchange for lower cooldowns, that way they can actually do more actions per minute instead of just running.

I know I most likely just scratched the surface but, after 10 hours of early game, its fair to say, I'd rather play actual idle games than playing pirate souls at this current state.
I personally play games to have fun. (who doesn't) - Being forced to run away 56seconds per minute because of overtuned cooldowns, isn't fun.


Keep up the great work tho, so maybe.. some day the game can actually keep their players 😄

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