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I have several ideas that can make the game more fun and improve the gameplay to get more involved in the One Piece world:
    1. The idea would be to implement the navigation of individual ships to go from one island to another, the 2 things they prioritize in One Piece is the adventure sailing the seas and this would improve the game in many ways. Ships with which you can do naval battles.
I mean that your ship, which could be like Ace's or Mihawk's, have a useful life of, for example, 1300 hp and a general damage that does not follow a pattern according to the stats, if not, for example, 98 damage, the bullets would have to be manufactured that it would be the only thing that would vary the damage from your ship. If the ship is destroyed in the sea you end up dead and the ship destroyed. What you would already have 2 ways: repair it or buy another.
As seen here, a ship construction/repair specialty could be included, which would give the game much more play in the future.


   2. It would be cool to make an Arc that helps to get certain lvls easier, especially from lvl 40 - 50. The truth is that it is hard to be in coyotes from lvl 20/25 to 50. Adding Variations of mobs or the arc would not be bad!
I suggest an Arc or put mobs that help the lvl on the fortress map it seems a pretty empty map right now and it would make people go to that map more.
    3. I propose a new island for the theme of the ships that could be very good, the Water 7 island from the anime one Piece and there could be new mobs/Arc, stronger ships, etc...

     4. This is rather an improvement for those of animal fruit when we become a hybrid we remain completely naked, the truth is that the character does not look so good like this, I suggest that at least from the waist down the body it stays on.


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Thanks for your suggestion.

A ship system with naval battles is something planned since the release.

About lvl 40 - 50, we plan to improve marines fortress as we will add the revolutionary army.

For new Island, I was either thinking about impel down or sky pea tbh ^^. However, having an island for when we implement the ship system sounds like a great idea.

About transformation, another player suggestion was to change color. It's easier to proceed that way than just displaying some clothes, because transformation design can vary and do so clothes art don't fit anymore.

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