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Class Idea: Rogue

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Drawing some inspiration from some very old games, The rogue is both a short range and a long range combatant.

The character being able to use both weapons from aim and agility classes creates a versatile combatant that would create another way to play. having the stats stressed very difficult between aim and agility means that we don't need to worry about going into a fruit with this class, as that could be detrimental. However it will create opportunity for low wp builds that utilize 1 or 2 skills from the fruit classes. You could see things like Ice and Reindeer seeing some extra love from this class. Even light, rubber could have some fun in this class.

Like rogue in other games, it will feel like a small mix of ranger and fighter.

Skills would require both Agility and Aim.

Skill I: Precision (aim15) 60 second cooldown. Duration 45.
First skill for the class will be a buff. This buff will increase the damage of sub-weapons (knives, blowgun, handgun) 

Skill II: Trip (agi 20) 10 second cooldown. duration .5
second skill for the class would be a small blink snare. range should be 2. the zone should be 1 range around the player.

Skill III: Guile (aim 30) 60 second colldown. 45 second duration.
sub weapons will always strike critically. +10 agi +10 aim.

Skill IV: Backstab (agi 45) 30 second cooldown. duration 3
blink to a target in range of 5 and deal large amount of damage. then gain a brief invisibility for 3 seconds.

Skill V: Bullet Roll (aim 50) 20 second cooldown. duration 1.
perform a movement that allows you to dodge damage. deals small damage to 3 square.

Skill VI: Knife Barrage (agi 60) 12 second cooldown.
cast 1: cast time 1 second, creates a handful of knives. (12) Duration 10
cast 2+: can throw the created knives on cooldown .25

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Having a class using aim and agility is definitely something that will help having more various builds. I wonder if it's something very needed in the game for now.

Marked it as planned, we will see how it goes. We currenly have other suggestion for new specializations/fruits like the hunter one.

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