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Randomly a player is selected and becomes the juggernaut, their pvp mode is forced on.

juggernaut has all their stats buffed to 200% of values.

juggernaut buff transfers to killer on death.

if the juggernaut kills 20 times, the buff will find a new host.

if someone gets 10 juggernaut kills they get event tickets reward.

in the case of idle juggernaut, the pvp being forced on will prevent holding the buff hostage.

if a player has peace mode it should have an argument to not choose that player.


this could create some chaos and some more fun player interactions. Chances for players to go fight back outnumbered, while keeping their rival group focused on trying to obtain that buff.

The kill/death counts are a control method to keep the players from just circling a buff amongst friends for too long a time.

I think the ROleplaying factor here is having players that will feel like they are admiral or emperor level in fights rather than feeling like coby in marine ford war LOL


thanks for reading!

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Maybe killing the juggernaut (because the buff can have an argument possibly) to instead convert their berry drop into a singular event ticket rather than berries.

I don't think the juggernaut should get anything extra for making a kill. They are already the juggernaut

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