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An Small Keys Optimization Idea

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Is not surprise for the people that moves with the arrows like me, we use similar hotkeys to games like dota/league of legends QWER. Usually the best keys are among the left area for your left hand they are 123QWERTASDFZXCV, however it comes to my notice that in Pirate Souls 2 of these keys will be occupied for features that can be set on one, this may seem like a small difference, but in the future when more techniques are added this will be huge.

With this said please make the charging energy key the same as picking up items, this will  slightly help players optimize their gameplay.

Charge Energy=hold key
Pick Items=tap the key

PD: I am not well aware of what this change may entitle there may be some difficulties that I am unaware of in programing this suggestion, if this is something that is too hard to achieve then yes by all means no need to do it, this just a small change I thought would be worth it, in the case it does not require much work to implement. 

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I believe this has been requested many times. I will mark it as planned for now, but I don't what will be required to implement it yet.

If we are to work on it, it will probably be after we updated Pirate Souls engine.


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