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Pirate Souls Suggestions

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I've got a ton of ideas so lets just get straight to it. See the file below.

Pirate Souls Suggestions.pdf

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@Farukon Ronbarudi You have very interesting suggestions. I can definitely tell you we will implement some of them (like killing a player should give exp). I will provide a more complete answer explaining my point of view on your suggestions tomorrow or wednesday. Thanks for your patience 🙏

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@Farukon Ronbarudi Thank you for taking the time to write a detailed suggestion. It’s truly appreciated.

Some of the elements you mentioned are already on our roadmap, although we may have a different approach to implementing them.

Regarding your suggestion on passives, we plan to introduce a skill tree system in the future, and your idea of integrating passives into character stats is interesting and could add more depth to the game. We believe that passives in general are a great way to enhance gameplay and we will definitely consider implementing them. As for Haki, we intended it to be similar to what you suggested, but we didn't consider using passives. We will take your suggestion into account when working on it.

About NPCs, as we add new quests, we will balance them. Will make sure to increase the speed of some at the same time. However, erratic movements are not a priority for us at the moment.

We do have plans to improve the titles/achievements system. Making them give experience is a nice addition.

Regarding the stat points, we want to maintain the freedom for players to choose how they allocate their stats. We don't plan to change the current system, because it will mean a lot of balance changes. However, we will work on making different types of stats more useful so that there are more viable builds. We believe that the mob gear system will contribute to this. Also, the level requirement for gear will make stronger players stand out from lower-level ones.

Your Notorious Crews Event is similar to the village invasion event that we already have. We could do something like that at Marines’ Fortress.

I really like the idea of giving experience for PVP fights. I am surprised I didn't think of it earlier. We will definitely add that to the game.

Basic attacks having effects is something planned. Will come soon or later I guess.

New weapons such as bombs and molotovs sounds interesting. If we add them, they will likely be available at Marines' Fortress.

As you may expect, ship system is planned. Your suggestions are nice, but we don’t know yet what will be possible to do regarding that.

The elements I did not mention are what I consider should not be prioritized considering what we have planned. Nevertheless, we may look into them in the future. If you want my feedback on something, feel free to ask.

Thanks for your suggestions 🙏

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