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The leveling experience.

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Was thumbing around with the idea of how to get players to level 50 and make the experience of the grind a little less of a struggle.

Key takeaway: Knives and Blowgun/Handgun helps fill a void of lack of skills at low level.
Key takeaway2: a few more classless consumables may help push players to end game.

I would like to suggest a nerve gas smoke bomb or something to help players get out of a sticky situation faster.
They could be a little more expensive around 10 berry each, the stun could be micro (0.5)

Torch. puts a burn debuff on an enemy, minor throwing range straigh line 5. 5 berry each. last 5 seconds deals 5 damaeg/tick damage (+wp/5?)

Caltrops, little pointy mines that deal some damage when another runs them over. flat damage no stat bonus. last 60 seconds. 10 second cooldown.

Much later? Sea prism shackles, throw a pair of sea prism shackles that silence for 1 second? range 5?

Thanks for reading again.

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