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Years of Experience (Profession Reword)

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This suggestion is to re-work how the profession system is right now, it goes without saying that its very basic and needs lots of improvements which will impact the game and players experience. It should be noted that this may be long because I want to make it is as detailed as possible.

The first thing would be to give all professions a leveling system (1-25) and set it in a way that its independent of normal leveling but at the same time each level give you character experience. 

The second is to make all professions work together with one another or independent if needed but it will be more beneficial to work with other players but can still buy items needed from NPC.

The third is to put professions work stations in the main town on every island and it comes with a cost to use them, it will be less if your faction have control of that island.

The forth is to give all professions its own story quest that will unlock the ability to gain more levels and options like skills and recipes, this is so players will feel like they are really doing a profession and to prevent profession slaves like alts.

The fifth is to add lots of new items for every profession that drops from mobs or bosses which will add to what we have that comes from objects like trees.

As i said in the start this is a re-work so i will go into detail on how I think each profession can be changed using the system rules I just gave. Lots of things would be changed and two of them would be renames like Crafter, because every profession would be crafting something or the other I think this needs a name change to a Smith, Doctor will also get a name change to a Medic because they will be doing lots of other things also but Cook will stay as it is.

The main function of a Smith would be to create weapons and gear with varying stats using the the weapon system I suggested and the gear system we have now with each level unlocking better recipes, also it will have a dismantling system. The level will also improve the success rate and its maximum stats it can give (with a limit), this will be added to what we have with the profession right now.

New Items that will be needed for this class would be weapon parts and gear parts that can drop from bosses or mobs.

Example on how levels can work also every action will give profession experience also note i will not add everything in this example.

Level O quest to become a Smith
Level 1 weapons and gear level 1-10
Level 3 Cooking Pot and Syringe
Level 5 first story quest
Level 6 weapons and gear level 11-20
Level 8 Cooking Pot II and Syringe II
Level 10 second story quest upgrade weapons using notes
Level 11 weapons and gear level 21-30 and dismantling gear and weapons
Level 13 Cooking Pot III and Syringe III
Level 15 third story quest
Level 16 weapons and gear level 30-40
Level 18 Knife and darts 
Level 20 final story quest
Level 21 weapons and gear level 41-50
Level 22 Knife II and picket pistol 
Level 25 Siege weapons and Ship weapons 

The Cooking Pot and Syringe would be items for Cooks and Medics to use to crafter items.
The dismantling system will be used as a way for Smiths to get back some parts (if successful) from unwanted gear and weapons they find, buy or craft.




Medics will deal with all thing that have to do with a players Health, physicals or mental, it can be by healing them directly with a skill, making potions that heal HP or remove de-buffs. The healing skill will play a big part in this as it will be leveling with the profession and players will be able to improve it how they want.
An example on how this leveling system can work also not everything will be placed here.

Level O quest to become a Medic
Level 1 Get healing skill
Level 3 Use Syringe and Cook item to make Healing potions and de-buff remover
Level 5 first story quest
Level 6 Healing skill improve better heal I or remove de-buff I
Level 8 Use Syringe II and Cook item II item to make Healing potions II de-buff remover II
Level 10 second story quest
Level 11 Healing skill improve better heal II or remove de-buff II
Level 12 Health Regen potion
Level 13 Use Syringe III and Cook item III item to make Healing potions III

Level 15 third story quest and learn revive skill
Level 16 Healing skill improve better heal III or remove de-buff III
Level 17 Mental potion, for 1 min the player cant fail in crafting
Level 20 final story quest
Level 21 revive skill improve
Level 22 Life potion for 3 sec the player takes no damage
Level 25 Immune Potion (for 1 min a player cant be de-buffed)

remove de-buff I is  (stun, silence and sleep), de-buff II is (bleed, fire), de-buff III is (food de-buff and any long lasting one that's not battle injury).



Cook will make all things that deals with buff, each level of Cook will improve the crafting skill, with each level unlocking better recipes and having a chance for a critical success giving your food a 50% improvement.

Level O quest to become a Medic
Level 1 Cook Meat I (buff defense a bit)
Level 3 Food buffs I each stat will have its on form of this (+4% to a stat -2% to a stat) and item for medic I
Level 5 first story quest
Level 6 Cook Meat II (buff defense a bit more)
Level 8 Food buffs II (+6% to a stat -3% to a stat) and item for medic II
Level 10 second story quest
Level 11 Cook Meat III (buff defense a good amount)
Level 12 Fattening Food (Player moves slower and cant roll but buff HP by 20% for 3 mins)
Level 13 Food buffs III (+10% to a stat -5% to a stat) and item for medic III

Level 15 third story quest
Level 16 Brain Food (Buffs all professions by 5 levels for 1 min)
Level 17 Spicy Food (sets the user on fire and buff damage by 10% for 1 min)
Level 20 final story quest Stack buff
Level 21 Cool food (The user becomes frozen for 10 secs, they cant move or take damage)
Level 25 Last meal (Buff all stats by +50% for 1 min but Dies when it ends and cant be rez by a medic)

The pot that the Smith makes can be used by only by a cook in their bag which will make them able to cook food from anywhere but if they die it have a chance to break, it does not give crafting experience and also the player cant use it to cook food over level 15 but it is a good way for a cooks to craft low level food for free  also at lvl 20 the cook can stack buffs by eating 2 cooked meals at the same time


There is a lot more things I want to add but don't want to make this any longer than it is also the examples I used it not really how item will work but to give an idea on how it can work.




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@Dareem Thanks for the idea, it's very complete. I can definitely see how it could help the game future. It was already planned to improve professions. We had some ideas and your suggestion complete them.

Below was our roadmap.
Gears, Main Story, Referral system

But I think we should start to implement at least some part of this suggestion before going into referral system.

It could be: gears, part of main story, part of professions then referral system.


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