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Item Influx Situation

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I just want to get this out the way before more and more items arrive

The whole change of direction from full Cosmetics to item Stats is a great change and that's a fact
but now we need to get ahead of the situation that will definitely arise in the upcoming weeks...

which is Item Influx... It's no doubt that it's great to farm for Items over and over until you get the Prefix that you want
but as it is we have no way of removing these items from the player's hands

as there are 0 systems that removes these items... and sooner or later the complaints of "I have too much of these useless items"
will surely appear

okay now that's out of the way... let's actually think of solutions to this problem
from the messages I've read there's still some "downtime" between the artists producing said items
so it would definitely be do able to produce these countermeasures

i.e Salvage Items to Scraps to be sold for the Shop /
Dismantle Items for GENERAL used CRAFTING MATERIAL /
RNG Systems like  [Enhance and Refine systems (+1 to +10 ) with Item break chance at +6 above]

but ye.. it's great to be prepared for these things now rather than get caught off guard by them later

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I think it is a great idea, but the issue becomes a bit of a blunder with the +1/2/3/4/5/6 ect.
what are you going to enhance on that, we dont have armor stats. Also all things considered do you see this being a high amount of materials per upgrade like 100/200/400?
The issue I see is too many stats across gear making balance out-of-whack. but thats another issue maybe?
I think its a good idea!

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@kizumix2 Gears will be sellable for some ryos. Also we plan to make them upgradable (like weapons for crafters for example) and we also plan to add the possibility to dismantle this item to get some partial note sheets. Dismantle option is probably going to be crafters only though.

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I saw the update, gj

on that Upgrading part with the note sheets

in my mind this will literally solidify that there's no point in picking any Class other than Blacksmith, to the point in which it makes me question... why did you guys wanted to lock a whole 50% of the gameplay behind an unchangeable class aside from creating an Alt?

should you guys move away from these Doctors/Cooks/Blacksmiths idea and allow every player to just be able to make whatever they want to make and let the game flow more of an actual RPG experience?

or continue locking away content from players because they pick the so and so "Wrong" class , as this is an actual issue i notice

anyways from the actual mechanic of the Upgrading with the notesheets

I don't think there's any issues with the Prefix/Suffix systems

but would I rather see something else?, definitely

as it stands right now, it would be best if you guys could prolong the grind by layering RNG mechanics

so rather I suggest the Upgrades for these items is for you guys to add another extra system for layering RNG

I did ended up mentioning the [+1 - +10] enchant/refine system 
up above, whilst mostly use in Eastern MMO's it's proven time and time again that this works if ever you guys are looking for something that could spice it up.

but thats my own bias because I grew up playing said eastern MMO's and i have a love and hate relationship w them

even then like I said it's a proven method for RNG layering

what else could you use... well There's the Cursed Scroll/ Miracle scrolls from Maple Story which is also another pretty simple yet fun RNG mechanic that prolongs the grind image.png.09b6358511f63f72a0e7713cae8d2c45.png

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Oh I see. However, for now we don't see the need of chaning the prefix or suffix mechanism. However all professions will be able to improve gears. It will not be locked to blacksmith. Only blacksmith advantage will be to dismantle them to get some partial note sheet.


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