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Artifacts/Feats/Event only items.

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Artifacts/Feats/Items that change the way certain mechanics act.

example 1: Pirate King's Blood. Your health now affects your damage instead of your aim/agility, your willpower now determines your energy instead of the energy stat.

example 2: Soul-eater's pact. When less than half of your maximum energy, reduce the cost of energy use by 50%. the other 50% will instead be removed from your healthbar. gain 10% lifesteal while below 50% health.

example 3: The Big Armed Marine. Your abilities cost 50% MORE energy. Your energy max is 50% of normal. Every second you do not use an attack or ability, build up fury. Fury increases your next damaging ability or attack by 50% per fury. max of 5 fury.

example 4: The Grand Chef. When you eat food, your party members benefit from the food that was eaten. any negative effects will not effect party members. stat penalties from foods on The Grand Chef will be doubled.

example 5: Combat Medic. Your cast time for Roseo Heal and Roseo gift are much faster, however your cooldown for these abilities is greatly increased. whenever you heal an ally, some of your energy is restored over 5 seconds.

example 6: Awkward Destiny. You have a 33% chance to avoid damage. You take 33% increased damage.

example 7: Sniper Islands Blessing. You have a 50% chance to not consume ammo when firing a slingshot or gun, when you do consume ammo deal an additional 10% damage, critical strikes deal an additional 10% MORE damage.

example 8: the candle that burns twice as bright. Your abilities have 50% cooldown reduction, your abilities do 50% less damage.

example 9: twice upon a wish. there is a small chance your abilities will not go on cooldown after use, critical strikes deal slightly less damage. ignore the stat requirements for weapons and abilities. (level requirements still enforced)

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The sniper islands blessing seems a little underwhelming, it could be a buff that affects the next ability used as well, this would also push snipers to use thier guns/slingshots during bombing and kiting.

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I was thinking these should be items that are available through events, they could be for large amounts of event tickets (thinking like 2-300)
these should be items that have a flag that they cannot be used with other items of the same flag <artifact>
These items should be GRINDY because they are not necesscary, they would be build enabling in some cases, which would increase the drive to get them.
The items are probably on the ridiculous side as well, but once again its something to grind for. I know players like Dareem love to grind out items.
You could go the route of class-less skills or class locked skills as well, but i feel that we could just grind the SE and sell them pretty easy, I think the obtainability through event tickets will push players to join the battle royale, compete for the hidden spy, login to do the bank race.
Thanks again for reading!

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@archadria OK I see, having them for event tickets is definitely a nice idea. However they should be usable for a limited period of time, because they are overpowered.

Marked the idea as planned 👌

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