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New Class - Hunter

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I don't know how big of an update this would be, but we haven't seen anything new gameplay-wise. I do appreciate the small updates, the equipment and fixing bugs, but this is an idea that can add more flavor to the game. 


Hunter class would be a summoner of sort, one that can fight alongside the monsters caught. (Mainly the animal NPCS - Boar/Bats/Coyotes/Leopards/Birds) I don't know how the stats would differ, or whether having different stats between the animals would matter; if this were to be implemented I'm leaving the numbers for you. The tamed monsters should be at a good balance between dmg and oppression. 

With this class introduced two new weapons can be introduced;

Bow/Arrow: Bow is pretty much a gun that requires arrows to shoot. This weapon can be approached many ways. Be able to have different kind of arrows like this;
1: Light arrows: Very light arrows to use deal small amount of dmg but travels fast.
2: Medium arrows: Arrows that balances between speed and dmg.
3: Heavy arrows: Heavy arrows focus more on dmg and travel slowly.
You can also apply poison to the arrows giving you DOT dmg. ( If this were to be added, another status effect would have to be added which would be poisoned.)

This way Bow/Arrow aren't just a rip off of guns and are their own unique weapon, not just a reskin of guns. The dmg should be between swords/guns.

The second weapon would be;

Dagger: A small knife that prioritize speed over dmg. Can be dual wielded ( Making you attack twice at once. ) Dmg should be between fists and swords, not that high nor as low as fighters. Poison can also be applied, so dmg shouldn't be that high as u can attack twice and apply poison. There can be two types of daggers.

Jagged Daggers: As the name implies, these daggers and crafted in a way that makes cutting flesh efficient, leaving behind deep cuts. (Applies bleed every 4 attacks or so)(Can't have poison applied.)
Normal Daggers: Normal daggers that can have poison applied.
These weapons can be dual wielded, so each hand can have one of the two types; effectively making you capable of poisoning and causing you target to bleed.


(Again, I really don't know about the numbers, so yeah. )

Weapons aside, monsters should have their own levels so that you can train them. Monsters should start at lvl 1 after successfully taming them. They will lose all their skills. Skills will be unlocked as they level. ( This would make the class more engaging, and would prevent ppl from hunting stronger monsters to deal more dmg.) Needless to say, monsters can be killed to prevent them from being used. One minute cool down should be applied on each monster after being killed, to prevent people from summoning them back immediately.



Lvl 10 Skill - Tame: As the name suggest, you tame a monster. This can be either done through beating the monster and weakening them, then using the skill on them. Or it can be through fear, if you are higher level than the monster you get to have it, or the friendly way, you have to gather a specific set of items and offering them to the monster to gain it's affection, whichever route taken it shouldn't matter, the end goal is the same; using the monster. ( only 1 monster can be tamed. ) (Max monster level 25)

Lvl 15 Skill - Monster summon: A skill were the hunter calls his trusty monster companion to help him throughout the battle.

Lvl 20 Skill - Trap: You set down a trap, dealing a little bit of damage as well as stunning whoever stepped on the trap in place for a while.

Lvl 25 Skill - Multiple Shot/Strike: You take a focused stance where you shoot/strike three consecutive shots/hits at whatever target you are aiming at.

Lvl 30 Skill - Monster understanding: Allows you to tame and use another monster. (Making your max summon-able monsters 2)(Max monster level 50)

Lvl 35 Skill - Hunter senses: Due to being an experienced hunter, and due to being in tune with nature; your senses are heightened in this state you utilize your hearing and agility to dodge any three incoming attacks.

Lvl 40 Skill - Monster Command: You command your monsters to attack, as they hear your command they dash forward to complete whatever order given to them and gain your approval! (I'm thinking of having this skill with 2 effects? Like you can either set it to have the monsters attack dealing more dmg than usual, or a stun, where they go bite deal smool dmg and stun for a period of time.)


That's about it. Should add more flavor to the game, and a whole different playstyle. Needless to say, this is an agility class. 

I understand, there are many things to digest, and adding such class with such description would require a lot of work, and I also understand that there is many ways to deal dmg with such build. I'm sorry, I'm not good with numbers, so balancing the dmg is up to yall if this were to be implemented. The dmg output should be between you, your passives and the dmg done by the summoned monster. 

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So I played a text based game that had something called a "wayfarer" and they had the ability to dominate animals/undead depending on alignment.
The stronger you got the easier it was to get tougher monsters, and as your class level increased your number of monsters also increased.
I could see even 5 pets in pirate souls being balanced, especially when you are capping the monster tame at leopards levels.

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This is a very interested idea. I can see a new specialization using aim stat as main stat being implemented.

Will require a lot of work to make it happen indeed, but putting it as planned for now so it's still on sight. Can definitely help the game to be more unique.

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I can see this as a job more than anything else, one skill to tame and one skill to summon and the taming capabilities is based on your level of energy  stat as a way to balance off the system and the higher your energy the better your tame can be but the less points you can put in damaging stats and health for example 
you get the taming skill at lvl 15
you need lets say 10 EN to tame a boar and summon it
20 to tame a bat and summon it
40 to tame a Leopards and summon it
70 to tame a bird and summon it
90 to tame a Coyotes and summon it
something like that i mean
and just to get wild with it 150 EN to tame Tuco (with 40% of his base stats) and summon him
Now taming is not a 100% chance to work but we can talk about that later


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@Dareem addition isn't really how I envision the gameplay to be, it isn't supposed to be something a swordsman or a fighter can do. The classes already in the game are -broken- as it is, each and every class is tailored to function well on their own, granted you can combo well. So adding it as a job, where u can spam stun me and have your monster hit me or stun me or does whatever is a bit to much. Imagine a fighter/swordsman with ice spam stunning u and his monster hitting u for a decent dmg.

Plus, the whole energy requirement basically ruins builds. In a sense it makes it so that a swordsman/fighter not deal their best dmg in order to have better pets/monster, but then again you are forcing people to have higher levels of energy, lower dmg all for something that is neither a guaranteed hit nor a skill-based technique, effectively making you give up on valuable stats for some AI chance.


Where as if it is it's own class, you can build around yourself and train your monsters to higher levels alongside training yourself. Making it a gameplay revolving around your skills, how you use them, and how you position yourself between your monster. So, you are neither heavily reliant on one or the other, as it is the whole package.

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As for @Shenmue The class as I introduced, comes with it's own unique playstyle, and weapons.
You can use both, but not at the same time. (You only dual wield daggers) And as mentioned before, the weapons aren't really that strong, but its more of a DOT playstyle. Where your weapons deal a small amount of dmg, but also applying effects that makes taking hits something to worry about as well as forcing the player to rely on their basic attacks, not just spam skills.

So, ig it can be a hybrid class? Where if you want to go bows route and be ranged, you use aim. If you want the daggers close speedy combat, you use agility. I don't know whether its possible to make the class skills dmg based on both stats.
Like skills dmg = ( Agi 100% + Aim 100% * whatever dmg % or statics that go in) Obviously, no one will build like an actual hybrid build where they use aim and agi, but even if they were to. There dmg will be as high as an agi only hunter.

So, it's a class heavily dependent on skill and weapon usage, the monster helps you weave in auto attacks, use your skills around them and control the map; like a hunter would.

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@NounTheirs 5 main reasons why I said Job over a full class 
1) The weapon types that your suggesting is somewhat something we have in the game already and with sword skills and the twin swords weapon we have that effect, as for the bow we already have range weapons and they can just make a bow as one of them to give that hunter feel.
2) The skills that you suggested, some of them are in the game not as you said it but they do the same things. The trap skill for example is what we have already and the others do some of the things we have in the game.
3) Players can make that very class that you suggested if its a Job, one or the other with weapon or sniper and can mix ice into it and the game will have more fruits to coming so classes can be made just base on what the game have by just adding 2 skills and not 6
4) As a class, players can dump lots of points into their damaging stats or health and can have high DPS or be Tanky alongside having an NPC to help them because you cant really make skill requirements of one class base on an attacking stat and energy because your basically making the build for the player and freedom is key
5) With an Energy requirement for set summons make it that you give up on higher DPS and HP for a better NPC and you cant have both so its a way to balance players without limiting them.

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@Noun@Dareem If we introduce this as a profession, it will be easier to implement. It could be done the same time as we release our next big content update (with revolutionary army for example)

Hunter profession could be just about taming mobs and having trap techniques. We could still release bow and special daggers, but they will be usable by everyone.

However, I am not sure about it being linked with energy stat. Professions should not affect a build. It could be more like this: the more you kill a mob, the more chance you have to be able to tame it.


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@Shenmuewell the idea of it being linked to Energy is to stop players from having their normal build and having help from a NPC and I used Energy as one example because we have that with the medic but another thing can be that the mobs have a percentage of the players stats but that will still make high HP builds over powered when you think about. 
I'm only thinking about a way to balance it now before it even comes out

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