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New Craftables.

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Grilled Bat Wing. Restores 35 health. 60 second cooldown. 8 bat wings, these dont look like chicken wings.

Leopard Rinds. Restores 40 health. 60 second cooldown. 5 leopard skins, reminds you of pork rinds.

Coyote Rinds. Restores 50 health. 60 second cooldown. 5 coyote skins, like pork rinds but bad.

Rock Throwing Knife. 2 Brown rocks AND 2 gray rocks. makes 1 knife. 

Hidden Blade. allows you to unleash a hidden blade and strike foes quickly. Requires basic sword, 50 coyote skins 50 feathers 50 leopard skins. 1000 berry.
(like a pocket gun but short range, scale off agi like the blowgun/pocket gun)

Medic Skill
Link Spirit: allows you to connect to an ally and while you charge, restore their energy by your energy charge rate.

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It's currently planned to add more recipes to cook. The medic idea sounds nice too. A way to restore allies energy is interesting.

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