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Transportation abilities for Logia users. An idea for the future.

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So yeah, remember when all Logia users had it easier to move around with some basic abilities of their fruits? That's what I think could be added in game one day! The whole idea is to give all elemental/elemental-like fruits one move that'd allow them to travel through bigger distances easier and quicker. Let's give it an example, a Light user would be able to turn itself into a light ray and would get the fastest transportation speed in the game, but with its one big drawback; the inability to change directions during the travel time. About Fire, the user would turn their legs into a jet-like fire pillar which would allow them to "levitate" (perhaps ignore collisons with walls to get atop things easier) and give them a small boost of speed. About Ice, we could give them an actual bike made out of ice that they cycle on and leave a trail behind. You get the idea, anything like this would work. More over, I think that it'd be really important to make it so that those moves would be either limited or unusable during a fight; considering that it'd be frustrating if someone decided to abused them. Such a tiny idea but I think it'd make a significant change too. If you like it or would like to add something to it, anything really, then do so in a comment!

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It would mean they will be able to run more easily in fights and that is something we want to avoid, because running is an issue 😕

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