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More than just an Outfit (Gear Revamp)

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This suggestion is an addon to the Revamp of Rarity and Key System idea, I suggest that all gear except for key chest and item shops in the game have random stats added to them on pickup and that all mobs in the game have some form of gear added to their drop pool.

The gear will have random stats on them using the same Prefix and Suffix systems we have in blacksmithing to add the stats which are only from the main stats of the game being Health, Energy, Willpower, Agility and Aim. The stat number will determine the rarity of the item that you have, for example.

Common: 0-2 stats
Uncommon: 3-4 stats
Rare: 5-6 stats
Epic: 7-8 stats
Legendary: 9-10 stats

The Prefix and Suffix system will have a max number of 5 stats each for this example.

Gear name: Black Sleeveless Shirt
Prefix for Health: Sturdy 
Suffix for Health: of the Bull 
So when a Black Sleeveless Shirt drops it gets a prefix, suffix or both and the stat bonus it give will determine the rarity, so lets say the stat bonus of the two is 3, the stat buff will be 6 Health and it will have its name changed form Black Sleeveless Shirt to "Sturdy Black Sleeveless Shirt of the Bull".

Mob drops will not be the only way to obtain gear because not every player likes to farm mobs so their are lots of other ways players can get gear with random stats or set stats.
1) Trading PvP reputation for gear boxes, a limited a number a week because players will kill their friends to farm it.
2) Main or Side quest which can give players a starting set, or a Daily quest that give players an item that they can use to trade in for a gear box and the more they trade the better the rarity can be.
3) Blacksmithing where players can craft gear and use a set item to raise the rarity of the gear they craft.
4) Boss battles because bosses already drop boxes so opening them can give gear that have a minimum rarity of Rare for high level bosses so its a good way to get better gear.
5) Trade Event tickets for gear boxes/or gear itself, the more you trade the better the chance to get a higher rarity so saving it would be meaningful.


Every mob as I said will have gear drops but not all of them will go up to the best rarity, they will have a max limit to Common or Uncommon for low level mobs and Rare to higher levels one, so don't think that the boar mobs will drop a Legendary accessory and that you can farm them all day for that.
In the same way not every item piece of gear slot will have HP on it so the hand gears can have Aim, Willpower or Agility but nothing else so a player can get a Legendary hand gear but with Aim and Agility on it which would will be as good as a 
Uncommon or Rare piece of gear to them.

It should be noted that everything is an example and the numbers I used was to make it clear and are not what I think they should be but I do think that this will add a but more meaning to the gear that we wear and new players will want to farm mobs knowing that with everyone mob they fight they can get a new piece of gear. I will be fun to see that low level players will be looking like the mobs they farm over time because mobs drop their own gear.




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Very nice suggestion @Dareem

It fits best the current game state compared to the Revamp of Rarity and Key idea since it uses Suffixes and Prefixes.

My main concern is regarding crafters. Since everyone will be able to have gears with suffix and prefix. I think that the only people that should be able to raise the rarity of a gear are crafters. Or it should be easier for them at least.

Will definitely work on this soon.

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The Suffixes and Prefixes system for crafters are not really the same as this because this is use  main stats for now but crafters have thinks like cooldown reduction and life-steal but as stated blacksmiths are the only players that can craft the gears with stats out of raw materials (maybe using a specials for better rarity)  where everyone can craft the stat less ones so crafters will not have to farm gear they can buy and sell to get profit and make them for others that farm it.

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Ok I see. However weapons must still not be impacted by this, because an item can only have one prefix and suffixe.

And existing weapons already have their own prefix and suffixe like "Famed".

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Weapons are not impacted at all in this, its not to replace the weapon suggestion i made its only an addon to the rest of gear and that other suggestion was made so that players have a reason to farm weapons and this 1 is a reason to farm gear.

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