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Sup , It's Kizumi again...

let's get straight to the point , VIP Subscription albeit Paid in Diamonds or Berries 

This System is as simple as it can be , You buy this VIP pass (7 Days/2 Weeks/1 Month/ 3 Months/6 Months/ 1 Year)

If the Passes are Sold for Diamonds They should be TRADEABLE so the Whales can Spend money on that and Sell those passes to others like me :c

OR make it cost a hefty amount of Berries making it so that it's Gold Sink overtime

The Benefits of such a system would always be enticing to every player no matter what

VIP's Gets instant access to a LIMITED Edition Cosmetic PER Month 
Once the month has gone by say bye bye to the only way of acquiring the Cosmetic 

Battle Injuries REDUCED by 50% while VIP Status Active
this might come as a controversial benefit as to being P2W , so I'm down to see some Comments discussing about it

World Blessing Bonus of .5x EXP, so when a World Blessing is Popped VIP's gets (2x EXP Buff, instead of the normal 1.5x EXP Buff)
yet again another P2W discussion lol keep it civil

VIP Player's gets access to a VIP House which has Multiple of different services
I.E of the Services are Down below

Daily Spins on a Roulette 
nothing crazy , like 5 - 100 diamonds , 1 random fruit , common > rare key , Cosmetic Items akin to being "RARE" as it'd be a low af rate

A Cosmetic Shop for Berries limited to VIP's only 
The Cosmetic Shop RE ROLLS it's Inventory every so often (Daily/Weekly)

A Sparring Room
All VIP's Pirates and Marines gets this Sparring Room which does NOT include losing Bounty or Losing Rep +
NO BATTLE INJURIES when they die inside of the Sparring Area/ They get to respawn there over and over as well.

Ending notes , Yes some of the aspect I presented doesn't really sound too Non P2W friendly and they can always be Omitted as they will present a Debacle for this system
imo... but those are about the only things I can think of how a VIP subscription in game would function

anyways, lets discuss about this whole System while keeping an open mind to Improvements



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Yeah a VIP system is something we would like to add. Will be something like Gold Soul haha.

When the time will come we will post a topic about our plans the VIP system. However, the game will never be P2W 👍

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