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Hello again I have returned to flood the board with more ideas!

this one is to help new players ease into the game a little bit.

at level 20 when a player joins a crew. The option for crew members to apprentice the new player. The new player would get 1% of experience from the master player. Regardless of where they are.

master rewards

level 30 apprentice: 1 event coupon.

level 40 apprentice: 2 event coupon.

level 50 apprentice: 3 event coupon.

*wink wink* ya know for new cosmetics.

apprentice rewards could be the same or berries/soul essence ect.

every level of apprentice could grab the master 1 reputation.

I think this also helps world building of crews and captains.

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That's interesting. Is it just a title the recruit and the master will have or the title come with some kind of obligations or responsabilities?

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I think there should be some responsibility, more or less for community involvement, maye a small voting system in the discord channel, most popular 3 get something in game special.

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