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I think you could add races in this game like in the original one piece, as fishmans / Giants things like that, i think all should have a buff, like fishman has more damage with fists (example), Giants have more max hp, i think it could be a good idea so, for this, the races should be RNG, like a 10% of spawning as a giant, and just make the character look bigger, and for this not being a pay to win or that being human is trash, you could add to humans things that the other races dont have, so it could be "balanced".

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I think Race selection would be fine, and there would be no need for RNG Race

in the case of being "Human" you just intrinsic to have More Willpower if that's the case for Builds

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Instead of RNG  lets make it a selection menu. 

And yeah having passives would be a good idea, who knows maybe mink having a shorter cooldown on dodge or human having a faster energy regen. Stuff like that

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