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Detailed Wanted Posters

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I thought of a tiny flavour idea to spice things up in the overworld, and I'm pretty sure it would ensure further immersion. Now, I realize there's a long list of planned features and content on the backlog already, but hear me out;

Put wanted posters of particularly high-bounty player characters on a couple walls in the cities and villages of the game. That way, newer people can stumble upon them and 'shoot for them' or create long term goals, and older characters can get to see their impact in the game in a minor but important way. It would also be very good for marine players, giving them pointers for who's a high value target and who's been making waves at sea- no pun intended.

Thank you.

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Like the idea of displaying big bounties a bit everywhere in the game! Will look into it once the game will be more stable.

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