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~ Open Seas , Ships , World Building ~

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Hello! , It's Kizumi with another Idea / Post just cuz I can...

I'm here to really give a Feature that I feel is MISSING from the game...

but First let's talk about One Piece! , I really love the Manga and Anime of One Piece... I've been Caught up to both Manga and Anime
and I really want to point out that One Piece has always showed Freedom... and Freedom to the game Translated as being an OPEN WORLD EXPERIENCE

In the manga and the anime , the crew was always out looking for the next Adventure... Going out in the sea sailing , Restaurants out in the Sea , A giant Elephant with an Enormous Tree with Furry people as Citizens , Finding all the Poneglyphs , Random encounters with Sea Kings!, Finding the Lost City of Gold in the Sky!

the Main POINT I'm trying to give out here is... to add SAILING / OPEN SEAS / SHIP SKINS
and yes it is do able... to all the "This is an Indie Game Dev Team, Go play WoW" comments

Down below with the Photo I provided basically shows the Entirety of the Idea

this is ONEPIECE to me 😄

Basically to go in more Detail...

When Interacting with the Ship's Helm...
The player Enters the Open Waters... A World Map can be Viewed when you are here... (Unexplored areas are shown as FOG)

These Open Waters aren't PvP enabled as this is literally would mean it'd be a Ship Battle not a Player to Player Battle

ENEMIES are RANDOM Encounters that can be Triggered at any given moment as you are Sailing! , Sea Kings & Pirates Appeared? well... now You are in a Map *INSTANCED* in which it's Your Character in a Ship being "Docked/Attacked" by Pirates or Sea Kings

of course these enemy encounters aren't necessary just a Little extra if you guys really wanted polish

But ye... Like in the Manga and the Anime, This World Map will consist of the The Red Line, Calm Belts, Geysers that shoots you into the Sky Island 😄 , Going Underwater to travel to Fishman Island... and of course The Grand Line!

Please 😄 this would really give that sense of Exploration the game is currently MISSING.


Ship Example.png

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