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Updated Re Post in Request of Shenmue ( Marine Ford War )

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Rework the Faction War System with a little bit more Ground to cover

Faction War happens Every 2 Hours, Announcement is Made at X:50 (10 minutes to give time for people to come) War Starts in X:00

Everyone rushes to go to 3rd Island cuz of the Announcement for the Battlefield 

Its a Base Defense while you trying to kill theirs you protect your flag from their Assault

They apply to their respective NPC’s... It should be a Randomized Selection

It's randomized because It's to limit how many Participants can Join so to create a somewhat EVEN playing ground

I.E like an 8v8 instead of 8 v 4 in which of course the 4 players has a higher chance of losing.

But in actuality it would more or less so should be 12 Players randomly chosen for each Faction as to create a 12 v 12 if possible

another way to implement this Evening out of Players ,would be to creating multiple different maps for battle to take place 
maybe like Marine Ford 1 - 5 , 8 Players for each Factions per Map (2 Parties)

A Point System would be in place like a Best of 5 if Multiple Maps are used (UP TO 5) 

But lets say 2 maps are being used no faction can win with a Point system like that so if Ever the war gets Tied 1-1 with 2 map

The destroyed flags gets Respawned and the first Faction to hit 2 wins will win

The Rewards System,

Would Strive to create Fairness to Both sides albeit a Win or a Loss

To the faction that wins •1 Hour of 1.5x Exp boost• , I know what you're thinking with this "Why would players buy World Blessing now?" … Make the World Blessing STACK with this Exp Boost from Faction War

Winning Faction members in the War gets •3 Tokens• , Tokens SHOULD be Tradeable as it should be a Variable to the Player Economy

Losing Faction members in the War gets •1 Token• + •1 Hour Exp Boost• only for losing faction members that “GOT PICKED”.

The Tokens would be then used for stuff like Buying Items from a Battlefield Vendor 

Keys ~ Soul Essences and Many more like Drip & Weapons maybe even Techniques that you can only buy with Tokens.

this is a much healthier system already that doesn’t force Everyone to Boss Grind for Keys + it creates a sense of progression even if you are on the Losing Side 

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Thanks for the suggestion. However, this will mean a lot to edit to the current faction war and event system.

We will probably add automated crew fights as the game evolve though. And I can see that fit some parts of your suggestion.

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5 hours ago, Shenmue said:

Thanks for the suggestion. However, this will mean a lot to edit to the current faction war and event system.

We will probably add automated crew fights as the game evolve though. And I can see that fit some parts of your suggestion.

I do understand that it will be a MASSIVE rework from your current Faction War system

But faced with the fact that no one really goes out of their way currently to go and defend attacks from either side means 
not many really care about "WAR" part 

The only function that they care about is getting "ACCESS" to the faction houses

There can always be a MIDDLE GROUND to what players want and what the developers would want!

We can put heads together and meet that middle ground as to why I and many other players want this System to be in place
is to create more Player PvP , more ways of accessing Keys and the biggest reason being , a system like this will bring in ALOT of players! , New ones and bringing back the Players that wanted content updates

This system is undeniably a grind fest and so it should be like that for players and so you will ALWAYS have a CONSISTENCY of player counts being high

Please don't shut down this idea, other Automated Event's will never have the same impact as this would please!

😄 I truly expect alot from this game even though you guys are a small team, but that come's from Love and the Hour's me and my friends are willing to put in to support the game! 😄 

For the Middle Ground ideas let's keep Quoting here Shenmue, maybe bring in Dona as well! , would love more of your guy's thoughts in this!

My Idea would be to... Keep the Faction Houses, I love this system as it allows u guys to explore options of Player Progression outside of the norm

with a new War System in place, there needs to be another one in place for these Faction House? or Just integrate it with that Automated System?

like After the battle Vice Admirals + / Pirate Rank Equivalent
can and would be able to Capture 1 Island for the DURATION they have "WON" the Faction War

More than 1 Island can be captured at once if the Faction that won the last War Wins again

so like if Marines keeps on winning over and over , The Pirates basically won't have any other way of taking over an Island

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I also think we have to rework the current faction war system so it's more engaging for players. We may give a little malus to the other faction if they lost the fight.

We may also give more times to player to be able to defend before the rock is broken.

What do you think @Dona?

For now we don't want to edit too much the faction war or implement another one, before the game is more solid with what it already has.


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