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Little things make a difference

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1. Untarget mobs once dead ( when trying to farm fast my character is still targeting dead mob unless i manually target new mob

2. Make hits more attractive and easier to read. When crit hits, my hit, mob hits, its hard to see numbers

3. Make bank accessible through multiple characters instead of having two computers to transfer items

4. Make mobs health visible by numbers instead of a red health bar. makes it so we know exactly how much to hit to kill 

5. shorten timers for trade\party. In my opinion its too long and it gets to a point one person is too buggy to do action so the other has to do it.

6. MOST IMPORTANT: New players who are 10-15 levels underneath someone should have a limit to how many times they can be killed. lets say 5 times and 1hr cool down. I see low levels quitting because they don't have a chance to grind levels or some die during quest losing their quest item.

7. Crucial! make more use cases for berries. As it stands i see players buying in game items for real money to get ahead while people are trying to farm and save berries in the hopes of buying such items; but the issue is these sellers have no use for berries and prefer diamonds or paypal money.


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The issue with trade/party timer is you can't be in combat, you have have to wait for either of you to be out of it to work.

But everything else sounds pretty good.

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You bring very good points in your ideas!

1. Planned.

2. We have a lot to do so that's not a priority for now, but once we have less work we will definitely do it.

3. That's tricky because some items that can only be used by one player have been designed to be "bankable". If we make so banks are shared between accounts, it will break that design choice and lead to exploits or unwanted behaviors.

4. If the mobs health don't show any numbers, it is because we want the player to interact with the mobs to know how strong they are and if they are ready to take them on.

6. That's unfortunate, we added the peace mode to avoid that.

7. Planned

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Appreciate the response! We know things are being done behind scenes and are patiently waiting for the best results. Cant rush success! 

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