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New Player Suggestion, Final Idea Post

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Hi, it's been 3 days since I've started the game with 60.8 hours at the time of writing this Suggestion.

As a new player I've slowly realized the Progression Pattern of the game from start... it's a Stagnant Linear Progression
Stagnant being there's really nothing else for us to do in the game other than Hit Mobs to level up/ Farm enough gold for the next Weapon in the shop/ Get Lucky enough to drop Keys from Bosses that are Camped on Rotations by Higher Level Players

But yes... I've grinded the game for 60 hours in 3 days, Just to give an accurate assessment of what Improvements could be made.

As I've relentlessly taken down 1000+ Eagles already , it has dawned on me and my friend that there's really nothing much to do in the game
of course there's PvP/Bosses but like I've stated above... Bosses are a luxury if you can even Farm them as most of the time it's going to be Killed on rotations by Other Higher level players that has nothing better to do because they're either Max Level/ High Enough Level or Have most of the Items in the game already,

And farming the Bosses for Key/Fruit Drops is their only available content...

This creates an Environment in which New Players are then Levelling for hours... Get's ultimately bored of doing the same thing, So hey they try to do some bosses here and there but they cant because the bosses are not Up, so those Players either go back to Hitting the same mobs to grind levels... or Quit the game

It's a pretty toxic Cycle as it is...

Anyways, It's time for Suggestions 😄

Item Farming is Undoubtedly one of the most Fun things you can do in an MMO, 
and from the Comments of Veteran Players they seem to care a lot about the statement "Pirate Souls, A game in which Looking Cool does not make you Lose"

I Like the Idea a lot of the Items all being Cosmetics... as it saves Dev Time from having to Balance certain stuff, 
But there are OTHER ways of achieving the same effect of "Looking Cool" while making most Players Happy about the game

the Idea I'm proposing is , to add an Option to make Items (Hideable/Worn as Cosmetic) over Items.

But it doesn't make any sense as it is w just that Flat Idea...

To see the Bigger Picture... Items would need to have Stats such as,
Armor/ Headgear having HP/MP/DEF
Rings ,Necklaces and Cloaks for Misc Stats like CRT/LS/CDR
Boots for some Movespeed etc

This is to create a more Dynamic environment in which all Players get to enjoy having more Items to farm for and not only Cosmetics

But you might ask... as to why you would want to do this?, It's because for the last 3 days I've been grinding this game... It made me question as to why is Levelling the Only sort of Stats Progression we have... sure getting a Weapon Upgrade is good but that's the ONLY item slot we really need to care about

It's off putting and weird, not having much more to do in term of Items.

In my friend's words... "I refuse to call this as Content, Hitting the same damn birds for hours", "It's a very lazy way of creating content"
It sums up about the entire New Player experience in the game... 

It's kinda sad to see that when you do give out rational ideas in the Discord , Veterans are always there Gatekeep New Players from Expressing ideas with "Maybe this Game ain't for you" , We're all here to give out Suggestions that we think that will Help the game and not make it worse 😄 please if you're in this Gatekeeping mindset of "there's nothing wrong w the game" then fk off 😄 

I will check up on the game in a few Months time, If the player base dwindles all the way down to the last 5 veterans saying "This game ain't for you" , "Get good" then yea... a Post Mortem post would be created in AGD

BUT HEY , NinOnline will drop in September since it's w the same Publisher you guys will also get Clicks!... don't mess up at that time pls.

a quick note on why I'm creating a Lengthy post

I've Played Intersect Games since Leafling... Got 1k+ hours on it
Nightmare Dropped last year ... got 450+ hours on it, 
been anticipating Pirate Souls/NinOnline for a while now, I've know about the game from Cheshire/Indie Patron 

so please take our suggestions and put it into play 😄 , this game is fun when it comes to PvP that's for damn sure



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I feel called out as for being he one saying "maybe this game isn't for you"

because I thought maybe this game isn't for me. Yet here I am, it's a little grindy, but so is my IRL job. Guess that made that easy I play like Im paid LOL. Come hunt with me I'm not interested in the fruit drops. I'll split keys. I'll buy note sheets 😉

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Thanks for expressing your thoughts about Pirate Souls! Improving the new players experience is one of our priority right now so we are already working on new items, events and contents 😄


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