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I know the server status right now isn't what you would like it to be, However a concern I have is the use of blink step by mobs.
I do not believe this to increase the skill level of the player, I do not believe this to be a fun mechanic. Coyotes have it, Eagles have it.
Some mobs have dash, dash feels perfectly acceptable because the player is notified with a dash text behind the mob, it has the ability to be played around, and helps with skill expression.

The next conundrum in this scenario is how do the mobs deal with range? Well when we look at bosses they have abilities that leave hazardous ground, missile attacks, and close range of course.
I believe the answer is to not use blink step with mobs but rather give higher level mobs closer combat expression to that of bosses.

Once again with current gaming any rubber banding makes mobs with blink step absolute ridiculous to deal with.

Internet Status 200MB Down/100MB Up. Alienware Ryzen Mi7...

Thanks as always, don't mean to sound grumpy just want to see PirateSouls be the best choice for pirate games!

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We are currently working on improving the server performance. An update should come soon to help reduce the rubber banding.

Regarding mobs using blink steps, it is something that we don't want to do often. We also believe that giving them stronger skills instead of blink step make them funnier to farm.


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