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As game time moves on berry stocks plummit in value.

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We could use some overpriced gear in marinefort, some gambling options, some new ammo and knife options.

Overall there are players when you run through the roster that are sitting on more than 10k berry.
there is nothing to do in the end of the game with berry, causing the rarest items to be sold for diamonds and or steam gift cards, and or real money.

Idea 1: Slot machines; these could have a super low rate to drop even a fruit "7-7-7", 1000 berry per pull. other items could appear on "Bar" such as the treasure chest items, every other rewards could be SE/Berry, or instead of rare items the new mysterious "soul power" could potentially be gained from the slot machine.

Idea 2: New ammo, Faster bullets with +damage +attack rate. could cost even 5 berry per bullet crafting. use both stones. could use metal bullets themselves to craft. ect. something for players to put money into.

Idea 3: Fruit customizations, this could open the door up to awakening fruits, another dialogue option with litorio, where the fruits effect on the player could change, such as modifying damage formulas or defense formulas. for example the rubber fruit could cause Agility to formulate into the defence formula with health and energy, or replace health in the defense formula with agility, this will allow tankier low life builds in the future.

Idea 4: Ability to contract kills on peace mode players, 10,000 berry per target contract. lost on death. tradable.
This will also open up more player interaction, pvp, hostilities, party play for protections.

Idea 5: Ability to craft better knives, using rocks and throwing knives and advanced throwing knives to gain "assassin knives'

Idea 6: non stat related attack items; poison vials, explosives, ect ect.

Idea 7: Stat related growth by berry. 10,000 for 1 stat and then it cumulates at a 1.1 ratio. 11,000 then 12500 ect.

Goal: make berry valuable in game, to slow black market trading, to keep interest in end game grinding, player retention.
Con: may cause a slightly stronger learning curve for players, but as the community grows us players can handle teaching new players.

Thank you for reading, I know this was a long one, my journey to level 50 is nearing complete now, I look forward to events and new players.

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Thanks for the suggestion, it was very interesting  to read!

As a general response, I can  say that we agree that there is a need of a gold sink when reaching end game. New cosmetics are on their way and will cost more berries.


Idea 2: New ammo are planned with the arrival of new weapons.

idea 3: unfortunately, Souls Fruit awakening are still a long way to go.

idea 4: peace mode user most not be involved in pvp

idea 5: Sounds good for the future!

idea 6: planned!

Idea 7: I don’t think that money should increase strength that easily

In any case, we will make berries more valuable for sure!

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