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Marines vs Pirate Battlefield (Marine Ford War kinda)

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The Idea is to Have a War for both factions Every 2 IRL Hours, in which when the Announcement is made Players are to Sign Up to their respective NPC's in their Bases
Randomly choosing players if the Amount Exceed the Required amount of players more into the nitty gritty of the system down below

The war would be segmented in multiple Maps, each to be Separated by Level Brackets of (20 - 29) , (30 - 39) , (40 - 50)

Making it so that when Marine Ford 1 (20 - 29), Loses to the side of Pirates ... the Overall score would then be 1 - 0 , still having a chance in winning for Marines if they win 
Marine Ford 2 and 3 to the score 1 - 2

I think the best amount of Players in this would be 8v8's in the respective maps just to keep it small scaled, as you guys can always increase numbers when the Player Count rises

The Rewards of winning this Event would be a FACTION ONLY XP/LUK boost for an HOUR and for the Participants that was in the Winning Side gets a Special Currency used for the Shops that this System will come along with.

This generally came from the game I've spent hundreds of hours of which is The World of Magic, so ye it's a proven system that works

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I think the bracket levels should revolve around skill lock levels and item levels. Example a level 28 vs a level 21. One has access to Hanzo Aiko, Air cutter. A massive advantage. I could see a 40+ bracket being very very fair, but for lower levels there is some big level gating.

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Sounds like a good event that could be added to the Marines’ Fortress! Will see what we can do to have this kind of automated events.

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