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Combat mechanics

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--> Actually in game <--


 - We have 3 classes: Fighter, Swordsman e Sniper.

 - Fighters doesn’t have weapons with attributes like swordsman and sniper.


--> My Ideas <--


 - Change the classes’ names to Fighter, Warrior (like a Melee Weapons Master) and Shooter.

 - Add new weapons, to fighters (like special/spiritual gloves/socks) to warrior (like heavy weapons, Murakumogiris, baseball bats) to shooter (assault rifles, precision rifles, robot arms).

 - Weapons that adds attributes to fighters (like the gloves adds damage to punches and socks adds damage to kicks).


-> Class Specialization



When the fighter reaches an especific level, he can choose in one of theses classes:  

- Puncher (focus in gloves),

- Kicker (focus in socks),

- Pugilist (focus in combos like the actual fighters, and uses socks/gloves),

- SkyFighter (focus in dials, the shells of skypea).




When the warrior reaches an especific level, he can choose in one of theses classes:

- Swordsman (focus in swords),

- Heavyman (heavy weapons like hammers, murakumogiris),

- SkyWarrior (focus in spears with heat dials, like shura),

- Streetman (focus in baseball bats).




When the shooter reaches an especific level, he can choose in one of theses classes:

- Slinger (focus in slingshots),

- Gunslinger (focus in pistols),

- Fireman (focus in rifles) e

- Half-Cyborg (focus in robotic arms, that shoots lasers and have munitions of soda).



-> Haki/Mantra (or other name)


Physic Mantra (Armament Haki)

2 techniques:

- One that cover the whole body and adds defence like this


- And one that cover the weapons and adds strength like theses

             image.png.472821a7e126f4a67a16f2d01fe7cadd.png               image.png.0252642d55eb8cbb29cf8525cc3d7161.png                image.png.f4bed6e64a3e748bcf46cc12ce1518c1.png                  image.png.bdf948220becfc446532cd52ad0812c4.png

Vision Mantra (Observation Haki)

1 technique:

- When activated, and when the user takes hit, he automatically teleport to back of the target and recieve 0 damage.

- Huge cooldown.


Sorry about my bad english, I'm Brazillian and I'm not fluent in english yet.

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Some things could be tweaked but it does have potential, sounds good as well and haki will eventually be added.

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Very nice suggestion! I bet you will be happy to know that we are already working on a weapon for fighters and haki is going to be added in game in the future!


Regarding the class specialization, it is something that we thought about and decided not to do for now because it adds a layer of complexity to the combat system that we are not sure that it is necessary.

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